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Cooking Classes at the Empire State Building

It is no secret that whenever it comes to eating out restaurants in America, there is really only a handful places that provide such an extensive and diverse array of savory cuisine as the ever-popular Empire State Building. The New York Times recently published an article detailing the benefits that the Empire State Building offers for foodies of all types. There, chef/restaurateur Marc Ecko, owner of three different New York City restaurants, was quoted as saying, "If you love the quality of Italian or Chinese food but don't necessarily like the high prices that are associated with it, the Empire State Building may be exactly what you're looking for in a restaurant."

Not surprisingly, cooking classes at the Empire State Building are very popular. In fact, a class is almost always available for lunch and dinner, but you can also learn about some of the various menus available on their online website. Cooking class singapore is usually conducted in either the formal lunch and dinner dining room (or sometimes the bar) or in the lobby. You can choose to attend the class in the evening if you would prefer to enjoy an open environment in which you can relax and eat while chatting with your friends.

Cooking classes at the Empire State Building usually run for a day or two, and you can expect to learn how to prepare appetizers, desserts, soups, main courses and snacks. Many times, the food will be prepared by the same chef who works in the restaurants themselves, so you are sure to get quality food from the best chef in town.

Dim sum cooking class singaporeat the Empire State Building are often offered by chefs of different nationalities, so you can expect to learn how to prepare some of the best European and Asian cuisines with a distinctly American twist. In addition to the cooking classes, the building is host to a variety of events, including art shows, dance performances and theatrical productions. For the chef in you, a visit to this place is definitely worth the trip, and you can even schedule a private tour of the restaurant's restaurant at the bottom floor.

Cooking classes at the Empire State Building do not just benefit the culinary arts in general. Many of the classes teach cooking for professional purposes as well: If you want to learn how to prepare the kind of meals you can serve at home, cooking classes at the Empire State Building could lead to a career as a private chef, so you'll also gain the experience of preparing such dishes as appetizers and desserts as well as preparing meals for other people.

Cooking classes at the Empire State Building may seem like a good idea but make sure you check out the pros and cons of the school before signing up. Check out the school's reputation for offering quality classes and ensure that they offer the level of instruction you need.

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